who we are

Last Shadow is a Texas small member-managed and veteran operated business concern. Founded in 2015 as a concierge helicopter hunting business, Last Shadow has expanded to provide a wide range of aviation support to private industry, local and state law enforcement, and the Federal Government.

Our pilots are the best in the industry, bringing years of supporting elite units and agencies around the world, and delivering the experience to our customers.

what we do

Last Shadow is FAA Part 91 and Part 133 Certified, and have business relations with several Part 135 Carriers.

Flight capabilities

  • Aerial Target Interdiction

  • Aerial Gunnery

  • Infil/Exfil

  • Military Free fall

  • Rope Operations

  • Helo-cast

  • Ladder Operations

  • Close Air Support

  • Medical Evacuation

  • ISR with nose mounted FLIR

  • Disaster Response

  • Sling Load

  • Drone Training

heli models

  • MD 600N, MD 500 C+D,

  • Access to: MD 530 F BELL 212, BELL 407, BELL 206

  • UH-60 A+L

fixed-wing models

  • Access to Part 135 certified operators with C-130, Dash-8 and CASA 212

Last Shadow's Arms Inspector


  • Pilot to Pilot Coaching

  • Night Vision Training

  • Zero to Hero Pilot Training

  • Helo Assault Planning

  • Vehicle Interdiction Exercises

  • Maritime Interdiction Exercises

  • Air to Ground Synchronisation

  • Sensitive Activities Aviation


  • Close Quarters Battle

  • Sniper

  • Demolitions/Breaching

  • Rappel

  • TCCC/Rescue

  • Amphibious/Maritime Operations

  • Light Infantry Tactics

  • Rockets/Mortars

  • Joint Terminal Aircraft Controller

Last Shadow's Arms Inspector

Our CLients

Special Operations Command

Federal Agencies

Law Enforcement

Private Corporations