Partnering with Farms and Ranches

Morgan Mason
December 14, 2023
6 min read

Last Shadow Farm & Ranch Partners

We partner with farmers, ranchers and landowners who have the best land for hunting—large open tracts of land with few trees—allowing us to fly close to the ground. Our hunts cover hundreds of thousands of acres in and around Temple, Texas, giving you the best chance of taking out as many hogs as possible.

We have spent the past five years developing excellent relationships with all the farmers, ranchers and landowners who work and own the land where we hunt. These partnerships allow us to provide a great time for our clients and a useful service for the landowners. It’s a win-win.

The Way of Things

We often get the question, “do you eat what you kill?” The answer is no.

We do not treat our helicopter hog hunts like deer, elk or other game species hunts. Our partnership with ranchers and farmers is based on exterminating as many feral & invasive hogs as we can. The reason is because these non-native animals have populations up to 3 million animals and wreak havok on the agriculture and ranch lands causing upwards of $2.5 billion dollars in damage each year.

Our business model is to create these partnerships with farmers and ranchers to create an experience in a helicopter that eases the burden on these blue collar heroes as well as the Dept of Agriculture for the state.

Purposeful Bucket List

Flying in a helicopter and having high end AR’s with red dot optics and shooting pigs exploding out of marshes, tree lines, and fields is an absolutely wild ride. Many people equate this kind of action to military operations or what you might see in Call of Duty. Aerial interdiction is what this is called, and only the most specialized units even train for this. Let alone get to engage in this style in combat.

If helicopter hog hunting is a bucket list item for you – know that when you get the chance to check it off – you’re doing a hell of a lot of good along with the adrenaline that’ll be coursing through your veins in the moment.