Last shadow safety protocol

Morgan Mason
December 13, 2023
5 min read

Helicopter Hog Hunting Safety

There are certain considerations while flying in a helicopter. Our safety crew outlines these aspects before all flights.

Boarding the Helicopter:

-Remove hats, they can be sucked up by the rotors or get blown out the side

-Sunglasses offer eye protection from wind and debris

-Keep cell phones in pockets

-No GoPro cameras, the open sides of the helicopter will rip them off the head, chest, or gun mounts

-Buckle seat belts

-Ensure Headsets work and communicate with the pilot

Flying to Hunting Locations

-Keep AR’s on your lap with weapons pointed directly out

-The helicopter is flying fast, keep cell phones down

Entering Hunting Locations

-Never point your rifle barrel up at the rotors

-Never point your rifle barrel down at the skids

-Communicate with pilot where you see pigs

-Wait for the pilot to give the command to start firing

-Keep firing until the pig of coyote is dead

-If your weapon jams, keep the AR pointed safely out of the helicopter, and work with the flight safety

Returning from Hunting Locations:

-Remove magazine and round from the chamber

-Double verify your weapon is clear

-Enjoy the trip back to the hanger!