Helicopter Hog Hunting Prices

Morgan Mason
December 13, 2023
5 min read

We have several levels of packages, whether you prefer to only shoot, or you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime multi-day five-star Texas hunting experience which we will tailor to you.  See our GROUP events page for unique package details.

Last Shadow’s pricing is based on a ¼ day, ½ day, or a full day of hunting and is all-inclusive with firearms and ammunition.  All hunts start with a minimum of 2 shooters required to participate.      

              2 shooters a time $1600 per person per hour

              3 shooters a time $1300 per person per hour

              4 shooters a time $1100 per person per hour

Our Texan and Lonestar Packages expand beyond normal day hunts and include lodge accommodations, thermal night hunts, bowfishing, shooting range experience, and all firearms and ammunition for the hunts are included as well. Details below.

Our helicopter hunting prices stand out from the industry norm. We provide a high-performance helicopter, firearms, ammunition, and attentive staff at competitive prices with one goal in mind: the best helicopter hog hunting money can buy.